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Networking is a Breeze with the Video Game Mentality

But no - not like how you play GTA V, that might get a little messy.

Networking is a breeze with the video game mentality

Whether it’s your first ever networking event, or your 50th, it can still make your heart pound like a Skrillex track. Meeting new people and sharing your dazzling business ideas is huge.

I get it.

But there are some valuable mindset shifts that turn networking into an exciting, rewarding and (possibly) lucrative event.

Your mission is simple:

Implement these 4 tips at your next business networking event.

(If you fail? Well - unless you actually die, then you’re always winning.)


1. Power-up with preparation

In most games, you’ll find ‘power-ups’ that boost your character’s stats or speed, etc.

You can prepare your own boosts, like;

  • Finding out who is going to the same event beforehand. What about making a mate online first, so you have someone you’re familiar with as soon as you arrive? At Rookie Hustler, everyone who attends a networking event has the option to join an event WhatsApp chat, so you can connect with the other attendees beforehand.

  • Think about how you would describe your business before the event, so you’re confident in talking all about it.

  • Wear something that makes you feel like the BOMB. Stride in, knowing that you are introducing your best self.

2. Level-up your chat

Everytime you play a game, your character gains experience and levels up.

Approach business networking with the same mindset. Each interaction is an incredible opportunity to improve your social skills.

With every conversation, you’ll gain experience. Until you’re so confident that you can happily talk for hours about your business. Whilst lapping up others’ ideas too, of course.

3. Grow from game-over

Luckily in real life, there’s no game-over.

When you have an awkward interaction, or don’t get a response that you were hoping for, it can feel like a fail.

But it’s absolutely not a fail.

It’s a perfect time to grow and understand your environment more. Even the most successful entrepreneurs started in the exact same place as you’re in now.

Everyone finds stuff awkward. You can turn it into a chance to level-up.

4. Team up for victory

Video-games are better when playing with a team, right? Having players to adventure with is half the fun.

Why should business be any different?

Your next networking event is brimming with other bright, young entrepreneurs who love playing the same game.

Make the most of it, find your team, you never know who might have the idea that will take your business to the next step. Maybe you’ll find the people that push you beyond your current setback. Maybe you will inspire someone else.

It’s all very exciting.


Now you’re ready to take on your next business networking event with all the force of a level 100 warlord.

And most importantly- have fun with it!

Your business is too good to keep to yourself. Share the joy, and discover what inspiration can come from meeting other innovators.

By Indiana Williams



You can email us at or message on Instagram at @rookiehuster


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