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Turning interests into income: Meet the founder of Marshall Studio

Meet Nathan Marshall, the 24-year-old mind behind Marshall Studio – an inspiring graphic design and brand consultancy agency.

Nathan's journey from gaming enthusiast to entrepreneur is a story that will stick with anyone looking to carve their own path in the world of business, or rather let their own interests carve it for them....

The story begins during Nathan's pre-teen years, when his love for video games sparked an interest in eye-catching visuals on YouTube channels.

Armed with nothing more than a beginner version of Photoshop and a hunger to learn, he started crafting channel art thumbnails and streaming overlays, turning heads in the gaming community.

It was this humble side-hustle that ultimately planted the seeds for Nathan's future in the creative design world.


Early career

Nathan’s early career began in web development, developing skills in constructing ecommerce stores,

eventually becoming self-taught in building websites from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Yet the pivotal point in Nathan's journey arrived when he joined 1HUTCH, an agency that would become a breeding ground for his creativity.

Over the next five years, he became an expert in web design, collaborating with diverse clients – from luxury automobile enterprises to supplement empires.

Under the mentorship of a seasoned graphic design expert, Nathan honed his craft and developed the idea for Marshall Studio.


Introducing Marshall Studio

Marshall Studio specialises in goal-oriented brand identity and web design, as Nathan puts it ‘design that not only looks good but is focused on achieving your goals’.

The studio provides everything from branding and packaging design to web development and social media design, always with a focus on brand authenticity and creating a human experience for customers.

Initially working part-time through freelancing, Nathan began working with influential clients like the California-based business accelerator iAccelerate, a haven for biotech innovators; and Ireland's 4ife, a company specializing in TV satellite shipments.

Nathan now works with a whole range of clients including the health and fitness company Mastery Weight Loss, a personal interest of Nathan’s, and King Copywriting.


Mentorship and networking

It’s not all smooth sailing though, Nathan has faced his fair share of challenges – from finding direction to grappling with self-doubt. What distinguishes him, like many entrepreneurs, is his willingness to embrace failure as a catalyst for growth.

His advice to fellow entrepreneurs is simple yet profound – seek out a mentor who’s been where you’re going and can help you navigate the journey.

Nathan also highlights the importance of surrounding yourself with similar minds on similar paths. He attended a staggering 35 networking events in a single year, redefining his social circle and boosting his entrepreneurial spirit.


What’s next for Marshall Studio

Nathan’s appetite for growth and self-improvement has ultimately fuelled his journey towards financial freedom.

While currently a one-man show, Nathan envisions going full-time with his side hustle, expanding his team, and amplifying his impact on the creative world allowing him to provide the best life he can for his future family. For now, he’s balancing developing Marshall Studio with a new role as the lead content designer for a corporate finance company.

Nathan's journey is a testament to following one's passion, embracing challenges, and fostering growth.

So, take a page from Nathan's playbook; dream big, work diligently, and carve your path to both business and personal success and accomplishment.

By Benjamin Parkes



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