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Do You Really Need LinkedIn as a Freelancer?

Picture this.

Silky, warm waters swirl across your skin as you float through vast oceans. Gazing across the horizon, you begin to see the outline of an enormous mountainous island.

The peak of this island is said to be spilling over with treasure.

Will you climb it, or is your greatest treasure still in the ocean?

LinkedIn is the mountain. It’s a platform where, when climbed properly, will put you in a brilliant position. Cold-outreach is the ocean, where there are endless opportunities that you could swim to yourself.

Let’s paddle to shore for now, and have a look at the bigger picture.


What makes LinkedIn so exceptional?

  • You can showcase your valuable skills and experiences to an ever-growing pool of potential clients.

  • Creating a stunning, value-packed and perfectly branded profile can act as a beacon of light, catching the eyes of your dream audience.

  • Plenty of companies use LinkedIn to post jobs, making it super easy to find open job positions.

  • It's free networking platform, home to over 58 million active businesses. That’s 58 million potential clients or collaborators at your fingertips. And you at theirs.

Can LinkedIn be more beneficial to freelancers in specific industries?

If you're in a field like marketing, advertising or PR, LinkedIn can be a fantastically valuable tool for exploding your professional network, spotlighting your skills, and finding job opportunities.

On the other hand, if you're in a creative field like writing, graphic design or illustration, you may find that portfolio focussed platforms work best.

Here’s some great platforms for creative freelancers:

Ok sure, there are plenty of platforms that will sit you in front of potential clients.

But you’re not sitting alone.

You're constantly in competition with other freelancers.

Imagine trying to climb the mountain with millions of others, all scrambling to get to the top first. It could be difficult, but the treasure (your dream clients) could be worth it.

That brings us nicely to our ocean, the great depths of cold-outreach. Where, instead of fighting over a job, you can confidently greet your clients solo.

Here’s where cold-outreach flourishes (for all industries):

  • Personalising your approach to fit the specific needs of your potential client will catch their attention in a snap. When you can prove that you understand their business inside out, you stand out more than a generic LinkedIn profile ever will.

  • You can target exactly who you want to connect with, instead of waiting for them to (hopefully) come to you.

  • Cold-outreach can help you build stronger relationships with your client, because you can start a conversation, and get to know them on a more personal level.

  • Like I said earlier - there’s so much less competition. By seeking out work yourself, you can potentially find jobs that haven’t been posted anywhere else.

All things considered, cold-outreach can be challenging. It requires hours of research to find the right client, persuasive communication skills, and sincere persistence.

So, will you be diving deeper into the ocean to catch yourself a client? Or will you be charging, full force, to the top of the mountain?

Whatever you choose, your next client is only one step (or key-stroke) away. Go for it.

By Indiana Williams



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